VR Arena

VR Hong Kong Limited is a leading provider of virtual reality (VR)
experiences in Hong Kong established in 2017. With a passion for
immersive gaming and technology, we aim to provide gaming to the next
level and create unforgettable moments for our customers. With 6 years
of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to delivering
high-quality VR services ranging from gaming and entertainment to
educational and training programs. Besides, we also specialize in VR
rental services for parties and events with years of experience. Some
typical events like The AIA Great European Carnival, The One Shopping
Mall VR Battle and Hong Kong International School Open Day, etc.

VR ARENA CWB is the iconic eSports venue located at Causeway Bay, which
offers a comfortable and spacious environment for guest to enjoy their
sessions. The center specializes in providing the No.1 most advanced VR
experience which allows players to walk and run freely in 360°and at
full speed in Metaverse without boundaries and getting hurt. Players can
try out different world-class VR games, explore virtual worlds,
participate in multiplayer experiences, and even engage in competitive
battles and team-based challenges. Other eSports facilities include
racing simulators and PlayStation 5.

We are excited that an upgraded version of the VR treadmill is coming to
the center. Omni One is a complete entertainment system that includes a
standalone VR headset without a support ring, which allows players
unmatched freedom of movement, including crouching, kneeling, backing
up, strafing, and jumping! Simply like the real Ready Player One