CYOTC was founded by Ms. Chan Yee. She is a Key Opinion Leader, expressing her visionary opinions on the Internet. She first expressed her strong belief towards cryptocurrency back in 2020, meanwhile there were very limited celebrities and capitals would like to participate in the crypto market. As the majority can only see the risks in the crypto market, but she can see the bright future of this market.

At the very beginning, she only starts up a chat group and continuously posts her knowledge and experiences related to trading strategies in the crypto market. Most of the believers in the chat group gained decent rewards, which could cover their losses in other markets. It gives a signal to her that cryptocurrency is the best opportunity in this generation. 

However, she realizes that the cases of crypto scam are also increasing. Therefore, she decided to set up an Over-the-Counter office in Hong Kong. CYOTC aims to be the best channel for crypto believers to join the crypto market. It is not only providing the service of exchanging currency without any charges, but also providing free seminars for beginners and free consultation services in order to let the customers invest wisely and safely.