At the age of 25, Chick Sir leveraged his investment prowess to acquire two properties in Hong Kong, eschewing the conventional belief that salaried work is the key to wealth. During his university years, he dedicated himself to studying diverse investment tools and, within a span of two years, successfully grew his initial capital of HKD 200,000 into a net asset value of HKD 7 million. He also earned over HKD 2 million in profits from cryptocurrency investments.

Since the beginning of 2021, Chick Sir has been sharing his financial knowledge and investment strategies on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, amassing a sizable group of followers who engage in discussions on wealth creation. Additionally, he founded a Telegram group of over 200 members focused on cryptocurrency investments, where he regularly shares market analyses and real-time trading strategies.

Chick Sir is also passionate about promoting the importance of financial literacy. He has established a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing investment tutorials and partnered with leading organizations to host various investment seminars, including a cryptocurrency seminar that drew over 100 attendees. Responding to requests from his followers, he launched his own investment course in 2022, which has enrolled over 300 students. Chick Sir is committed to offer comprehensive guidance to help individuals achieve financial freedom